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Mr.Devi Singh Chouhan - Social Worker

Contact:7597942555 -

Jodhpur - Rajasthan

Shri Devi Singh Chouhan is currently a Legal Advisor of Alcobex Metals Workers Union, since March 2006 till to date, and is struggling in the interest of labours and workers of Alcobex for their legitimate statutory rights under BIFR and IFAR, in the Board for Financial Reconstruct and Rehabilitation of Industries.He lives in Defence Laboratory Jodhpur (DLJ), Old Campus with his family. His son, Mr. Durga Singh Chouhan works as a Technician C in DLJ. Shri Devi Singh Chouhan is one of his eleven siblings born to Shri Chaug Singh Chouhan on 19 April 1943. His father was an active member of ?????? ???????? ????? ?????? ??? all his life, while working in Rajasthan State Electricity Board. Mr. DS Chouhan passed his higher secondary from RBSE, and worked as a Work supervisor in PWD (Electrical Subdivision) for six months. He then worked for DLJ (1961-1963), after that Alcobex Metals Ltd. was his workplace for another six months. He has an experience of working in various industries of Jodhpur like Metal Rolling Mill, Rajhans Industries, and Vishvakarma Industries etc. After his another half a year tenure as an LDC in Municipal Corporation, he joined DLJ again way back in January 1966. His tenure in DLJ also includes his two year stay in Solid State Physics Laboratory in Delhi till 1971, the year in which the Director of DLJ sponsoredhim as a Worker Teacher in the Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation Department, where he stood on the 1st position amongst the entire group of different trade union organizations like INTUC, AITUC, HMS, BMS, etc. While working in trade union field in DLJ, he served for the employees welfare. From 1982-1993, he was the General Secretary of entire Jodhpur INTUC namely ????????? ???????? ??? ????????????? ????? ??????? ?????? , which was over 26 trade unions of Jodhpur. For two years till 1985 he was the General Secretary of Defence Laboratory Employees Union (DLEU) as well, which was followed by his presidency in DLEU from 1987-1990. He also worked for 12 years as the General Secretary of Coordination Committeefor Defence Organization, DLJ, MES, and Civilian Service Personnel for Air Force, 19 FAD and other Defence organizations of Rajasthan. He retired from DLJ as a Technical Assistant A in April of 2003.