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Bheem Singh Bhati

Family Info

Father Name: Laxman Singh Bhati
Mother Name: Santi Devi
Grand Father: Binjh Raj Singh
Gautra: Bhati
Mother Gautra: Chouhan
Parental Village: Pal

Personal Info

Contact 1: 9829899714
Contact 2: 9829899714
Gender: M
Date of Birth: 1977-01-01
Manglik: No
Height: 5 fit 4 inch


Current Address:
Rawana Rajaput ka bass, pal village Jodhpur
pal, jodhpur
Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Permanent Address:
Rawana Rajaput ka bass, pal village Jodhpur
Pal, jodhpur
Jodhpur, Rajasthan


Secondary Subjects: Common Subjects
Passing Year: 1999
Secondary Percentage: 56
Senior Subjects: ARTS
Passing Year: 2001
Senior Percentage: 60
Graduation Stream:
Passing Year:
Graduation Percentage:
PG Stream:
Passing Year:
PG Percentage:
Doctoriate Stream: 1

Job Description

Job Title: Shelf Employ
Job Stream:
Job Salary:

Special Info