Groups who provide their services for boosting enthusiastic and needy individuals also who are the weight bearing pillars and guide for the soceity towards the ethical destination.

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1 Shri Dudheshwar Mahadev Rawna Rajputo Bagehi Samaj-Bhawan 9829484831 Jodhpur
2 Rawna Rajput swargaashrma Suthla Shamshan ghat - Jodhpur
3 Rawna Rajput Shiv Pi0 & Bagechi,pal Road Samaj-Bhawan 7791940647 Jodhpur
4 Bheru Bagechi ,Sardarpura. Jodhpur Samaj-Bhawan 9314700780 Jodhpur
5 Rawna rajput pooran nath trust Samaj-Bhawan 9414449143 Jodhpur
6 Rawna Rajput samaj Bhawan Samaj-Bhawan 9929730104 Jodhpur
7 Pataliya Mahadev mandir kaga road Jodhpur Mandir 8233270005 Jodhpur
8 Shri Krishna dham Rawna rajput swargashram Kaga Jodhpur Shamshan ghat 8233270005 Jodhpur
9 Rawna rajput moksh dham,Digadi Shamshan ghat 9928526175 Jodhpur